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I am a facilitator and educational program consultant centered on equity, diversity and human rights, with 20 years of experience. By taking participants through an experiential  process, I help groups realize their potential as agents of change, develop insight and awareness, and gain practical tools they can apply right away.


My method draws from adult and popular education, Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and social science. As a certified Mediator, Life Skills Coach and a registered social worker with mental health experience, I use insight-based coaching to help participants recognize and build on their innate strengths to experience a shift that translates into meaningful action.

I have facilitated workshops and group processes for organizations across the non-profit and education sectors, helping teams achieve meaningful results. 

Need facilitation or curriculum and program design support? I can help you develop a creative concept, design the right group format and content, develop an effective outreach and communication strategy, and evaluate your program's outcomes from start to finish.


​Let's talk!

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