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While I tend to wear many different hats, I can best be described as a social worker, communicator and educator who is passionate about human rights, peace-building and community development. I also welcome opportunities to work with the media on issues of diversity as a way of contributing to a more responsible, compassionate and just society. Whether I engage in counselling, organizational development or policy work, I use a critical lens and analysis to define the real issues, ask the right questions, and find solutions that are equitable, inclusive and environmentally responsible.

As a Facilitator and Certified Life Skills Coach, I am committed to opening minds and hearts to human diversity and our collective responsibility to protect and promote this diversity. As a coach, I believe that my role is much more than to be a guide from point A to point B. I work to co-create a learning environment where growth, creative thinking and deepening of awareness can happen organically. I work toward a meaningful and sustainable change. I do believe that we can be the change we want to see in the world, but to do so we need to both LEARN and UN-LEARN certain things. That's where I come in.

When people connect to their strengths, wisdom, passion and potential, and gain new insights or a lens through which they see themselves and the world around them, that's the magic that keeps me going!

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