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Ilaneet is a fantastic facilitator, very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about the topics we discussed. Her care, active involvement, encouraging engagement, kindness and focus is what I have valued very much during all three sessions. I will try to integrate her kind and focused communication style and to-the-point teachings into my working style and my social interactions with others while building relationships with people as I like her interacting

approach very much! Teaching online is not easy as interaction is not as visible compare to teaching in class, but I believe everyone have benefited from joining in because of Ilaneet's readiness and excellent facilitation skills!"

                                                                  --- Stefania Ntonas-Kostova, MSW 

                                                                                Coordinator at Working Women Community Centre, Toronto

"Ilaneet’s ability to genuinely connect with her client and build a sense of trust - creating a synergy that supports a beneficial co-creative process - is what sets her apart and makes working with her a unique and empowering experience. Infused with value-based discovery, she focuses on identifying strengths and inherent gifts, unlocking potential, dismantling unconscious fears and self-doubt that stifle growth, thereby successfully creating guiding frameworks towards personal goals as well as providing the inspiration and freedom to explore new opportunities.  An absolute delight to work with!"   - Roz Espin, CPC, ELI MP 


"I have been pleased to work with Ilaneet on several projects involving diversity training, community development, organizational management, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, and peacebuilding. I have always found her to be sensitive, reliable, creative, and innovative in her approach, working very effectively with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities."   

-- Dr. Karen Mock, Human Rights Consultant, Toronto.


"Ilaneet is an exceptional facilitator, educator and trainer. She combines her knowledge and presentation skills to teach, educate and engage her audience. She delivers high quality, informative and organized presentation using creativity, humour and professionalism. She is dedicated, accountable and reliable.”  -- Sylvia Starosta, MSW, RSW, OT Reg. (Ont), Director of Clinical Operations at Cota, Toronto.


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